Meet the Farmer: Windy N Ranch

Bradley Newhall of Windy N Ranch.

Bradley Newhall of Windy N Ranch.

This blog post is the handiwork of SFMA summer intern Jordan Lowe, who will be contributing regularly during the growing season.  Happy Farmers Market Week!

A full inventory of the stables, paddocks, coops, and pastures of Windy N Ranch reads more like the lineup at a petting zoo than on a family-run ranch. Bradley Newhall’s family owns 800 acres outside of Ellensburg, Washington, home to 150 adult cows, 120 calves, 8 bulls, 65 sheep, 40 goats, 60 ducks, 400 laying hens, pheasants, peacocks, alpacas, horses, and milk cows. Most of the animals are raised for food, but some are for petting fun. When asked if they give any of their animals cute names, tacit, straight-talking Bradley said “No.” Understandable.

Bradley’s family has been ranching for 13 years, and for the last five he’s been right alongside, bringing their delicious meat and rich eggs to market and building partnerships on this side of the mountains. Windy N is known for its beef, but if you ask Bradley what to get, he’ll always pick the lamb. Though they have a wide variety of cuts and types of meat at the market, about 90 percent of Windy N’s business comes from direct sales of whole and half animals. State law allows them to host a butcher onsite for these direct sales, so those animals never have to leave home sweet home.

It's Windy N's first season at Madrona, and already he's making plans to partner with next-door vendor Lower Case Brewing outside the market with a Windy N food stand at Lower Case’s Georgetown Tap Room, serving burgers, sausages, and all kinds of other meaty delights straight from the ranch. In due time, Bradley might actually make that petting zoo a reality. In the long-term, he wants see Windy N construct cabins, inviting tourists and vacationers to enjoy the joys of pasture life (and maybe even get to name a pig or two).

You can find Bradley, his beautiful wooden signs, and Windy N’s meat and eggs at several farmers markets on the Eastside, but our Madrona Market on Fridays is the only place you can find them in Seattle. Come try something.