Meet the Farmers: River Run Farm

Anna Bunk of River Run Farm. 

This blog post is the handiwork of SFMA summer intern Jordan Lowe, who will be contributing regularly during the growing season. 

Walk under the River Run Farm tent at Madrona Farmers Market and the often -stifling temperature of the blacktop drops a couple degrees. Maybe it’s the luscious greens or the juicy beets, the cool confidence of Anna Bunk - co-owner of the farm - or the butter lettuce so big you could wear it as a hat. Regardless, you’ll be at ease shopping for some truly fine, eat-for-a-week-sized vegetables.

River Run Farm is located on a 40-acre plot outside of Sequim, Washington. Since 2013, Anna Bunk and Noah Bressler, along with six crew members (including Leah, whom you’ll see working the booth every other week), have cultivated the twelve acres of that land that make up River Run farm. Another group of six farmers share the 40 acres, creating a co-op of sorts. The two farms share equipment and knowledge, allowing more effort and resources to be spent on the actual farming and showing us the power of the rich, supportive farming communities that make up a healthy local food system.

Due to the farm’s unique climate and some clever crop planning, they’re able to grow cool weather vegetables, like spinach, lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower all through the hot summer months. In addition to selling at Madrona and a couple other markets in Seattle and on the peninsula, River Run has a CSA and sells their vegetables wholesale to PCC and some smaller grocery stores and co-ops near the farm. In keeping with their natural, organic farming practices, Anna and Noah try to use their two draft horses as much as possible, and their animal husbandry expert, Adam, is in the midst of training two donkeys for drafting as well (in addition to caring for River Run’s two dozen cattle and handful of laying hens).

What’s in the future for River Run Farm? Anna is excited to start planting seed crops (for harvesting, saving, and selling unique, quality seeds), to grow more fruit, and to bring their first crop of quinoa to market toward the end of August. Maybe the best thing about our River Run farmers is their excitement to try new things. Every year they look forward to planning their crops and trying an experiment or two, constantly diversifying their farm and experience. And the spinach is to die for.As an all-vegetable vendor, River Run accepts Fresh Bucks for everything.