Meet the Farmers: Rand and Alice of One Leaf Farm

This blog post is the handiwork of SFMA summer intern Jordan Lowe, who will be contributing regularly during the growing season. 

Do you fancy yourself a lettuce connoisseur, or maybe you just want to up your salad game? Either way, Rand Rasheed (pictured, above) and Alice VanderHaak of One Leaf Farm have you covered. Smooth butter lettuce, crisp romaine, complex spotted trout lettuce, and painfully adorable baby lettuce varieties fill half their table, and on the other side you’ll find chard bigger than your face, broccoli rabe, purple kohlrabi, and always something new and beautiful. Toward the end of the summer, keep your eye out for Rand’s favorite, radicchio.

Rand and Alice started farming together in 2011, when they founded One Leaf on land in Carnation, Washington. Just last year, they moved to a fertile 8-acre plot in Snohomish where they (and their three seasonal farmhands) grow an assortment of vegetables, specializing in fresh salad greens. Earlier this year, Rand and One Leaf were featured in Modern Farmer magazine. Check out the article here.

One Leaf has a CSA and provides salads to about a dozen restaurants in Snohomish and Seattle, but most of their business is at farmers markets in Seattle. They always bring really high quality, cleanly grown vegetables to market, but don’t take our word for it, come visit them at Madrona and Ballard. (Make sure you try the arugula).