Meet the Farmers: Around the Table Farm

This blog post is the handiwork of SFMA summer intern Jordan Lowe, who will be contributing regularly during the growing season. 

Meet Around the Table Farm, hailing from across the Sound in Poulsbo, Washington. Dana and Aaron Steege-Jackson’s 5 acres makes them the smallest farm at Wallingford Farmers Market, but they use their land to the fullest, growing mostly heirloom varieties of strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, a smattering of other vegetables, and lots of beautiful flowers. They do all their plowing by draft horse, so their plants (and the planet) can thrive in tractor-free air.

In Kitsap County, there’s a rapidly growing community of farmers, and just this year they’ve come together with Washington State University to start a co-op apprenticeship program that Around the Table participates in. Farmers and experts from WSU teach all the apprentices (and sometimes the other farmers) once a week, creating an inclusive, open, community-minded network of farms. You may see Around the Table’s apprentice, Rob, at the market, smiling and giving tastes of strawberries.

Aaron and Dana come to Seattle just for our Wallingford market, so come meet them every Wednesday if you haven’t already!