SpringRain Farm & Orchard Comes to Ballard Farmers Market

Last Sunday you may have noticed a new farm in the market mix. SpringRain Farm & Orchard joined Ballard Farmers Market for the first time, but it’s  far from John Bellow and Roxanne Hudson’s first rodeo. John’s been farming in the Pacific Northwest for nearly 35 years, settling on 28 acres in Chimacum -- on the Northeastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula --  in 2008. Over the course of his career he has worked with WSDA on Organic Certification processes and he has taught farming across the world for USAID.

SpringRain produces year round, growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including silvanberries, heirloom tomatoes, apples and pears, and salad greens. They process chickens every Friday to bring the freshest they can to market, and always have hen and duck eggs. John is especially proud of his fryer rabbits, which you can buy from him on Sunday.

What does a Ph.D. in Agricultural Systems and Crop Ecology get really excited about, though? Jam! John and Roxanne use a special type of pectin in their jam that allows them to make it with no added sugar. It’s sweetened only by a little honey that they produce at Spring Rain. Word is that Strawberry Basil and Raspberry Chocolate are coming soon. Yum!

Stop by the SpringRain tent on Sunday and see what there is to see! They’ll have some of everything you need and plenty of Fresh Bucks-eligible fruits and vegetables. We’re excited to welcome SpringRain to the Ballard FM family.