Roasted Pepper-palooza

Photo credit: Zachary D Lyons.

Photo credit: Zachary D Lyons.

Our long hot summer has transitioned into a mild autumn, which has resulted in a long and magnificent pepper harvest. Our friends at Alvarez Organic Farms in Mabton, Wash., are celebrating this year's peppery harvest with a Pepper Roast, or as Eddie Alvarez told us, a "Pepper-palooza."  Follow your nose this Sunday for the glorious perfume of roasted peppers -- right next to their stand, the Alvarez crew will be roasting this Sunday, Oct. 25, until they're peppered out.  

Beyond the aromatherapy, roasted peppers are like gold in the kitchen, as they're one of the most versatile condiments, playing nicely with so many other ingredients . Here are just a few ideas to whet your whistle:

  • Pureed with feta for a killer dip
  • Slathered with goat cheese
  • Stirred into an omelette
  • Tucked into a sandwich
  • Mixed with a pot of black or pinto beans
  • Tangled with a mess of fried onions and roasted potatoes

See you Sunday, 10 to 3!