Fresh Bucks Program Now Year-Round!

  If you currently receive SNAP benefits (a.k.a., Food Stamps) on your state-issued EBT card, you can use those benefits at your Ballard Farmers Market. Simply take your EBT card to the Market Information Desk and tell the helpful staff there that you would like to get Market Tokens with your SNAP benefits, and how many dollars’ worth of your benefits you would like to use, hand them your card, and they will swipe it for you and then give you your tokens to spend on eligible groceries at the farmers market.

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As an added bonus, we will match your SNAP dollars with Fresh Bucks coupons, up to $10 per farmers market visit. That’s every visit you make to the Market, year-round! That's right! As of January 1, 2015, Fresh Bucks are now available at Seattle farmers markets year-round! (Note: Fresh Bucks coupons may be used for fresh fruits and vegetables directly from local farmers only.)

Customer extending their Food Stamp benefits with Fresh Bucks at Wallingford Farmers Market. Copyright by Zachary D. Lyons.

This is a great way to extend your SNAP benefits while supplementing your diet with fresh, high-quality, delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables, many of which you will never even see at conventional grocery stores, all while extending your SNAP EBT benefits. Eat better year-round. Buy extra at peak season, and freeze, dry and can it for use in the winter. Attend cooking demonstrations to learn how to use unfamiliar crops, or familiar crops in new ways. All while supporting local farmers!