Eat Well, So That Others Might Eat Well!

Click image to download full-size copy of poster to print. Poster design by Ben Chandler. For the price of a great night out, with farm-to-table cuisine expertly prepared by one of Seattle's best chefs, cocktails made from local spirits by one of Seattle top bartenders, in a spectacular setting with stunning views, on a sunny spring night with temperatures in the 70s, you can actually get all of these things AND help others eat well, too! That's right!

We invite you to a dinner and auction next Tuesday, May 13th at 6 p.m., in the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion of Hotel Ballard, to raise funds to expand the Fresh Bucks program at our markets, and to conduct nutritional and cooking classes for local kids about eating well with farmers market produce.

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Customer extending their Food Stamp benefits with Fresh Bucks at Wallingford Farmers Market. Photo copyright 2013 by Zachary D. Lyons.

When Food Stamp recipients use their benefits at farmers markets, the Fresh Bucks Program matches what they spend, up to $10 per visit. Fresh Bucks increases access to local, farm-direct foods for everyone, and it encourages healthy food choices.

The stunning Olympic Rooftop Pavilion offers unrivaled views of Historic Ballard and the surrounding area from five stories up! Photo courtesy Stoneburner Restaurant.

The forecast for Tuesday is sunny and mid 70s, and the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion will likely be open air. The dinner will be prepared by Chef Jason Stoneburner, of Ballard’s Stoneburner Restaurant and Bastille Café & Bar, using all local ingredients, mostly sourced from Ballard Farmers Market. Cocktails by Stoneburner's master mixologist Erik Carlson will be made with Ballard's own Captive Spirits Big Gin and Old Ballard Liquor Co.'s AquavitAuction items include great dining, local food experiences, local getaways, locally forged cookware and even legal services.

All this for the price you pay on a regular basis for a great night out, plus you get to help people of lesser means enjoy the very same great local food you do from your Ballard Farmers Market every Sunday! So what are you waiting for? Do good while having a good time! Buy tickets or donate now!

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