Sunday, April 27th: Not A Holiday! Just Another Day Of Great Localiciousness!

Chef Jason Stoneburner of Stoneburner Restaurant. Photo courtesy Stoneburner Restaurant. Have you gotten your ticket to the best party this spring? If not, hurry, cuz supplies are limited. And dinner alone is worth the price of admission! I'm talking about the Farmers Market Dinner & Auction to Support Fresh Bucks, and it is happening in the Rooftop Pavilion of Hotel Ballard on Tuesday, May 13th. Chef Jason Stoneburner and his crew will be laying out a fabulous spread using ingredients from your Ballard Farmers Market, and the auction will feature food experiences, getaways, fine dining and art, and more, from places like Ray's Boathouse, the NW Chocolate Festival, Taylor Shellfish, Cedarbrook Lodge, and even three nights in a beautiful house on Fresh Water Bay, west of Port Angeles! All to support our Fresh Bucks program. You get fun, deliciousness and goodies. Local families of limited means get greater access to the same great local food we enjoy here at your Ballard Farmers Market every Sunday! Buy your tickets now, or simply donate, if you cannot attend.

Tom Thumb lettuce from One Leaf Farm. Photo copyright 2013 by Zachary D. Lyons.

We start our tour of what's fresh this week under the heading of "Friggin' Adorable Produce." This is Tom Thumb lettuce from One Leaf Farm. One Leaf grows a wonderful variety of heirloom lettuces. This one is a tiny variety of butterhead lettuce that is about the size of a baseball when mature. A single head is perfect for one salad. So stop by One Leaf, and get your lettuce on, cuz lettuce is back, baby!

Farmer Jessie Hopkins of Colinwood Farms holding baby zucchini with blossoms. Photo copyright 2013 by Zachary D. Lyons.

And speaking of adorable produce, how's about these tiny baby summer squash from Colinwood Farm. That's them, right there, in Jessie's hands. They come with blossoms attached this time of year, and they are perfect for a quick sauté or tossed into a salad. How many months has it been since you had your last local summer squash? Nuff said.

Fresh Hood Canal Spot Prawns from Hama Hama Oyster Company. Photo courtesy Hama Hama Oyster Company.

Once a year, if we're lucky, Hood Canal is opened for spot prawns.  This is that time! Today, at your Ballard Farmers market, Hama Hama Oyster Company will have a limited supply of the finest shrimp on earth, our own native spot prawns (which, BTW, are not prawns, but shrimp). Come get them while you can, but get here early, as they will go very, very quickly!

Spring onions from Magana Farms. Photo copyright 2010 by Zachary D. Lyons.

Hopefully, we will see some of these wonderful spring sweet onions from Magana Farms today. As of last week, they were apparently right on the brink of readiness for market, so let's hope so. They are great grilled or roasted with some of Magana's asparagus!

Radishes from Alm Hill Gardens. Photo copyright 2014 by Zachary D. Lyons.

More radishes! As you know, I heart radishes. The more, the merrier. The promise of radishes come spring keeps me going all winter long. These beautiful radishes are from Alm Hill Gardens, up in Everson, in Whatcom County. You can actually see Canada from the farm. (Which is more than I can say for one being able to see Russian from their backyard in Alaska!)

Andrey is psyched to enjoy his Loki Fish salmon sliders. Photo copyright 2014 by Zachary D. Lyons.

Andrey is psyched. And can you blame him? He's got a plate of Loki Fish Salmon Sliders hot off the grill. Booyah! Made using Loki's own fish, rolls made with Washington flour, and local veggies and bacon for toppings, they are like one adorable, delicious bite of the Market, yo! But they keep running out of them early each week, despite bringing more and more, so get them early.

Gary Howell leading the goats out into the pasture at Twin Oaks Creamery in Chehalis. Photo copyright 2013 by Zachary D. Lyons.

And we finish this week's tale of all things (or at least several things) adorable at your Ballard Farmers Market with this photo of adorable dairy goats following Gary out of the barn and onto the pasture at Twin Oaks Creamery. These hardworking, and rambunctious, critters eat well, play well, live well, and produce amazing milk that Twin Oaks bottles, and makes into chevrefetaaged cheesesyogurt and more! Yeah, baby!

There is plenty more local deliciousness waiting for you today at your Ballard Farmers Market. Just check What’s Fresh Now! for a more complete accounting of what is in season right now.

Please remember bring your own bags every Sunday, as Seattle’s single-use plastic bag ban is now in effect. Also, please take note of our new green composting and blue recycling waste receptacles throughout your Ballard Farmers Market, and please make an effort to use them correctly. Each container has what’s okay to put in it pictured right on the lid. Please do not put the wrong materials in, because that drives up the cost of recycling and composting, and it can result in the entire container being sent instead to a landfill. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.