Sunday, June 10th: Hayton Berry Farms & Full Circle Farm Return, Dungeness Crab, Beautiful Broccoli, Ravishing Radishes & Strawberry Cream Puffs, Yo!

Hey kids, now we're cookin'! That's right! Hayton Berry Farms returns today for the 2012 season to your Ballard Farmers Market with plenty of their famous strawberries. So get up and get down here early, cuz you know they're gonna go plenty fast!

Because of year-round farmers markets like your Ballard Farmers Market, Seattle's first year-round neighborhood farmers market, many Washington farms are able to confidently invest in season-extending infrastructure that allows them to sell more crops for more of the year, thus allowing us to enjoy those crops more, too. Case in point is Colinwood Farms from Port Townsend. They leverage their temperate climate in the so-called "Banana Belt" under the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains with acres of greenhouses that bring us their amazing spicy salad mix all winter long, and squash blossoms and these gorgeous English cucumbers in late spring, long before even Eastern Washington farms have them.

With this winters record mountain snowfalls, many rivers like King County's Snoqualmie River continue to run high and fast, and that means the farmland along its banks continues to be very wet from the high water table under it. No wonder many of our East King County farms have been a little slow with spring produce this year. The good news is, farms like Oxbow Farm are beginning to hit their stride now. Just take a gander at these magnificent French breakfast radishes from Oxbow. And they've got collard greenschardgreen garlic and much more!

Downriver from Oxbow, along the Snohomish River (for that is where the Snoqualmie River goes), Gaia's Natural Goods is also adding new crops to its table every week. Check out this spectacular spinach they've got right now. It is crisp and tender and delicious, and ready for salads, sautés, stuffing pasta and more!

Want your very own strawberry patch? It is still plenty early enough to plant some strawberry plants from Red Barn Farm. These plants are already baring fruit, and as they mature and spread out over the coming years, they will give you a seemingly endless supply of fresh strawberries from right outside your door every spring and summer!

Alm Hill Gardens is rightfully proud of its broccoli. Beautiful, isn't it? And it's broccolicious, too! They are harvesting lovely little florets from their late-winter planting right now. Roast it, sauté it, soup it, steam it, toss it with garlic, bacon and fusilli. Oh, life is good!

Dan says Hama Hama Oyster Company will have fresh, whole dungeness crabs today, while they last. He'll also have some geoduck, the world's largest, and our own native clam. Geoduck in particular is a rare treat, as it can only be harvested at especially low tides. But again, get here early if you want some. And hey, if he's already sold out, just put an order in for next week, so you'll be sure to get some, eh? Sounds like a good Father's Day dinner to me!

Speaking of fields slowly drying out and crops returning to the Snoqualmie River Valley, Full Circle Farm returns today to your Ballard Farmers Market after a month-long hiatus, and to be honest, I am not really sure what all they'll have today. If I had to guess, which, I guess, I have to do, I'd guess they'll have some of this mizuna, maybe some mustard greensradishesJapanese wax turnips, some spring carrots and such. Okay, now we all get to see just how clairvoyant I am.

Speaking of Father's Day (which is just next week, by the way), has your dad ditched those annoying, expensive, environmentally unfriendly aerosol shaving cream cans yet? No? Well, then, this is the year! Our own Brown Butterfly makes extraordinary shaving soap that will keep dads face smooth as a baby's bottom, make him feel like a real man, save him money, and reduce his footprint on the earth, too. And to get dad started, get an entire shaving kit for him from Brown Butterfly. Seriously... ask any man who's dumped the can for the pleasure of lathering up with a brush and soap. There's just no going back!

One of these day, I will have to start with dessert, but again this week, I will end with it. In this case, how about some More Is More cream puffs with fresh local strawberries from Cupcake Luv. Cupcake Luv is hardcore with its use of local ingredients. Heck, even the flour they use in these puppies is from Washington farmers. Yay! So get your Luv on today!

Hey, there is plenty of local deliciousness waiting for you today at your Ballard Farmers Market. Just check What’s Fresh Now! for a more complete accounting of what is in season right now.