Sunday, March 18th: Spring Is About To Sprung. Spinach, Mustard Greens & Daffodils Are Already Riz!

We've survived the Ides of March, St. Paddy's Day and Daylight Stupid -- err, Savings Time, and despite what the thermometer says, the calendar says spring starts this week. Woohoo! Heck, the daffodils are in bloom, the violets and crocus are in full party mode, cherry trees are exploding in flowers all over the city, and my giant pussy willow tree has already gone to pollen. It may snow tomorrow, but spring is here. Let's celebrate! For starters, how's about a gorgeous bouquet of those aforementioned daffodils from Children's Garden to brighten up your home, or the day of someone special.

Spring means spinach, and Colinwood Farms has this beautiful, tender and delicious baby spinach right now, fresh out of their greenhouses. In fact, they're pulling a bunch of lovely stuff out of them currently, like spicy salad mixtender braising mix and mustard greens. Speaking of which...

Full Circle Farm has these fabulous red mustard greens right now, as well as plenty of other goodness. You know, I always have to take pause at the name, red mustard greens. It kinda seems inherently in conflict with itself. Are they red? Are they greens? Actually, they're both! (I know, I shouldn't be playing weird word games with you on the Sunday morning after St. Patrick's Day. You are still trying to shake of last night's green beer.)

Honey. No, I'm not getting fresh with you. I am really talking about honey. Sheesh. But hey, I think we could all use a little bit of wildflower honey from Tahuya River Apiaries about now. It'll sweeten us up, give our immune systems a boost, mellow out our allergies, and generally put a smile on our faces. Thanks, bees!

Raabs are the tender, flowering tips of over-wintered crops like kale, collards and cabbage when they are beginning to bolt and go to seed in early spring. They arrive at your Ballard Farmers Market every year around this time. Nash's Organic Produce has a large selection of raabs available today, like this stunning dino kale raab, with more arriving in the coming weeks. Give 'em a try. They are an early spring treat!

This is brokale from Gaia's Natural Goods. It is a cross between broccoli and kale, and it is kinda the pride and joy of the Gaia farm up in Snohomish. You won't find this on any other tables at the Market. Brokale is lovely stir-fried with mushrooms and Chinese sausage, or sautéed on its own. It offers a nice mix of the sweetness of broccoli and the mild bitterness of kale, and it is packed with nutrients. And let's face it -- brokale is just kind of a macho name, don't you think?

Hey, there is plenty of local deliciousness waiting for you today at your Ballard Farmers Market. Just check What’s Fresh Now! for a more complete accounting of what is in season right now.