Sunday, March 4th: Another Sunny Winter's Day Brings Spinach, Salad Mix, Jazz Apples, Gluten-Free Bread, Raw Milk & More!

I've got Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project playing to fire me up to write this week's epistle, as I am still fairly dain-bread from this past Monday's Farmer-Fisher-Chef Connection. It's kinda funny how a song by a bunch of nerdy studio musicians in the late 1970s is still widely used to whip sports fans into hysteria at stadiums around the world. Anywho, lucky for me, I took a bunch of fresh photos of lotsa cool stuff at your Ballard Farmers Market now, in spite of what the calendar says. Indeed, now that it's March, we've turned a corner into spring as far as local crops go. Odds are slim we'll get a killer freeze to take out the hardy crops now. And many other crops are making a comeback already, like this spinach from Full Circle Farm. All you folks who question the point of getting up in the morning without spinach to enjoy at some point during the day can relax now, and even celebrate a little. It's back!

How about some freshly dug over-winter Detroit beets, complete with beet greens, from Gaia's Natural Goods. By now, you have probably tried their delicious pickled beets. Well, these are the beets from which those pickled beets come.

This is one of the best apples you will ever sink your teeth into. It is a jazz apple from Collins Family Orchards. They pull these out of storage this time of year, still firm and crisp, and at their peak of flavor. If there is any time of year you'll want an apple a day to keep the doctor away, this is it, and this apple is one that will make eating an apple a day easy!

Okay, dino kale is not exactly a re-emergent crop, but it is incredible this time of year. It's leaves are getting smaller and more tender, and after surviving more than a few very cold nights of winter, it is very sweet and full of flavor. And this dino kale from Nash's Organic Produce basking in February sunshine kinda gives us hope, doesn't it?

Phebe Rossi of Dolce Lou is known for her gluten-free sweets that not only fill a void in the lives of people who must maintain a gluten-free diet, but are also so good that everyone else loves them, too. And now, she's putting that same passion into loaves of gluten-free bread. You've gotta love gluten-free bread that is also, well, you know... edible. Cuz a lot of it isn't! Check out Dolce Lou for gluten-free bagettes and sandwich bread.

It's back! Yup, the greenhouses atop the hill that is Alm Hill, after which Alm Hill Gardens is named, are cranking out their famous spicy salad mix again. Woohoo! Now, that's gotta give you hope of immanent spring, eh?

Raw milk products can be hard to find around these parts. Washington state has some of the strictest regulations on the production of raw milk products anywhere in the country. Lucky for us at your Ballard Farmers Market, we've got Sea Breeze Farm. They've jumped through the various hoops necessary to bring us raw milkcream, buttermilk and more!

Hey, there is plenty of local deliciousness waiting for you today at your Ballard Farmers Market. Just check What’s Fresh Now! for a more complete accounting of what is in season right now.