Sunday, January 29th: Greens, Carrots, Sprouts, Apples, Kohlrabi. Winter, Schminter!

A week ago, Alm Hill Gardens, which is just a few miles south of the Canadian border in Whatcom County, was buried in snow and ice, as the wrath of Old Man Winter poured out of the Frasier River Valley and punished Western Washington. But the beauty of snow surrounding hearty winter greens is that it insulates them from the bitter cold, and when the thaw comes, the greens spring back to life. So swing on by your Ballard Farmers Market today for some of Alm Hill's braising greens mix, some kale, heck, even fresh tulips. 'Cuz winter ain't got us beat yet!

I heart pink lady apples, and Collins Family Orchards has some of the best pink ladies to be found anywhere. And this time of year, surprisingly enough, is the best time of year for them. Fresh out of storage, they are firm, crisp and sweet, and they will lift your spirits whilst you await longer, warmer, drier days in the months to come.

Last week, the only greens in the Market were from the greenhouses of Colinwood Farms, and few freshly harvested veggies were to be had, as the great thaw had just begun. But today, Growing Things Farm has some freshly-dug carrots, which are especially sweet now, as a result of the recent cold whether. See, veggies protect themselves from the cold by producing sugars that act as an anti-freeze for them. And we benefit from extra-sweet veggies! Oh, and don't forget to pickup some eggs, chicken, spuds, Brussels sprouts, and a little farmstead soap while you're at it.

Sea Breeze Farm has plenty of stellar pork, chicken, sausage, and all manner of other deliciousness this time of year. Get yourself some of their raw milk, and learn why they wear t-shirts in the summertime that say, "Legalize Milk." Learn to enjoy meat and dairy again, the way it's supposed to taste!

Nash's Organic Produce was long on the roots and grains last week, as their farm was under 7" of snow. But that's all a distant memory now, and their kale, red cabbage, and these gorgeous Brussels sprouts survived the winter blast just fine - heck, better than fine! So come on down and get your veggie on!

Last week, Rockridge Orchards couldn't even make out of Enumclaw, let alone make it to your Ballard Farmers Market. They had lots of snow and ice, no power, and trees were down all over the place. It was one of the few Markets they have ever missed. And we missed them, too. But they're back today with their awesome selection of sweet and hard ciders, fruit wines, and vinegars.

And when is came to snow last week, Stoney Plains Organic Farm, from way down south in Tenino, took the big, err, prize with two feet! They weren't going anywhere. But they, too, are back today, with all sorts of vegeliciousness. They have mastered the art of the year-round vegetable harvest, and a little -- okay, a lot -- of snow and ice isn't about to stop them now. Swing by for greens, roots and legumes!

Welcome our newest vendor to your Ballard Farmers Market: Gaia's Natural Goods. These pickled beets are made from beets from the family farm in Snohomish. And you can even take home a bottle of the pickling brine, great for dressing salads, as a marinade, or to do a little pickling of your own. Gaia's Natural Goods celebrates beets as a superfood, nutrient dense with a laundry-list of benefits to one's health. They pickle both golden and Detroit (red) beets. Serve them with a little fresh goat cheese for an extra special treat.

The good people behind Cupcake Luv picked a wise couple of weeks to go home to tropical climes in Asian. This missed all our Winter Blast mayhem. I imagine they enjoyed a good snicker at our expense while watching us act like idiots on YouTube during the calamity. And who can blame them? We are a laughable lot when it comes to winter weather around here, are we not? In any case, they, too, return to your Ballard Farmers Market today with their lovable cupcakes. Mmm. Cupcakes.

Hey, there is plenty of local deliciousness waiting for you today at your Ballard Farmers Market. Just check What’s Fresh Now! for a more complete accounting of what is in season right now.