Sunday, January 1st: Happy New Year! We're Off Today. See You Next Sunday!

Happy 2012 to our Ballard Farmers Market extended family! We are taking another day off today (Sunday) so our farmers, fishers, ranchers, food artisans, artists, buskers and market staff can enjoy a relaxing New Year's Day with our friends and families, sleeping off last night, watching endless football games, or maybe just taking a nice, long walk on what is shaping up to be a nice day.

Thank you for your continued support for all things local, delicious and beautiful in 2011. Together, we have built the biggest, bestest, most award-winning farmers market in Washington, and around it has grown an extraordinary neighborhood of amazing, locally-owned, family businesses, from restaurants to bars to bakeries to clothiers to specialty shops to kitchen stores, and on and on and on. Ballard is a boomtown in a shaky economic world, and that's because folks around here understand that when you make the effort to buy local and support local businesses, it pays dividends many times over, creating local jobs and vibrant communities. Locally spent dollars recirculate through the community many more times than one spent with an out-of-state chain store, and spend that dollar on something locally produced and the effect increases exponentially. And every time that dollar recirculates, it gets taxed again, meaning it helps with our government budget crisis. Pretty cool, eh? So please make your first resolution of the new year be that you will try your hardest to buy as much local stuff from local folks as possible from here on out.

Now, a New Year's thought... have you noticed that, by-and-large, the whole planet stops to party in peace on New Year's? So, I propose that we change our calendars. Why not make every year only one day long? That way, every day is New Year's Day, and every night is New Year's Eve, and the whole world will be too busy partying peacefully all the time to fight with each other. Who's with me?!?

Okay, enjoy going out for noodles for long life in Chinatown or brunch at Bastille (yes, they're open) today, and we will see you right back here on Ballard Avenue for your Ballard Farmers Market on Sunday, January 8th!