Sunday, November 6th: Did You Set You Clocks Back An Hour? Booth Canyon Orchards & Red Barn Farm Return, Plus Much More!

I hope you set your clocks back overnight, lest you show up at your Ballard Farmers Market at 9 a.m., thinking it's 10 a.m., at which point our staff will undoubtedly giggle at you. And hey, join us in welcoming back Booth Canyon Orchards this week. Stina Booth grows beautiful fruit over in the Methow Valley, including these d'anjou pears. These pears are something special, so if you haven't tried them, do seek them out today. A perfect eating pear, they are also wonderful poached.

Red Barn Farm also returns today to your Ballard Farmers Market with all kinds of great veggies from Enumclaw. Pick up some of these great Yukon gold potatoes and other deliciousness, from greens to garlic, and more.

Four Sisters Gourmet Sauces produces excellent Vietnamese-style chili sauces from peppers grown by Alvarez Organic Farms. They've got five different varieties, as well as spring roll sauce and more. You know, I just got back from Louisiana, where I spent two weeks eating my way through New Orleans and Cajun Country. They know a thing or two about hot sauce down there, too, but what Four Sisters makes is an entirely different type of hot sauce from Louisiana hot sauces like Tabasco. Do give it a try. And if you find yourself in Louisiana, you can skip Tabasco's "plant tour", as it's pretty lame. Spend your time elsewhere!

Yay! It's parsnip season at Colinwood Farm! Woohoo!!! I love parsnips. They are so sweet and versatile. Roast them. Steam and mash them with potatoes. Make soups with them. Add them to stews. It is fall. Enjoy the fall deliciousness!

It is the peak of apple season at Tiny's Organic Produce now. And among their many varieties of sweet, crunchy apples are these gala apples, tree ripened and ready for adding to your kids' lunches, or for a snack during the work day. And they still have some nectarines and pluots, too.

Alvarez Organic Farms has just a few more weeks left in their 2011 market season. Be sure to pick up one of these beautiful pepper wreathes today to decorate your home for the holidays. They also still have onions, garlic, dried beans, peanuts, winter squash and more.

Always a treat is this fresh goat cheese from Port Madison Goat Farm & Dairy. It is great to add to your holiday platters. But enjoy it now, before Port Madison takes its annual winter hiatus, as their dairy goats switch from producing milk to producing baby goats.

Fishing Vessel St. Jude returns today for their monthly visit to your Ballard Farmers Market with the finest albacore tuna products to be found anywhere. They catch their albacore tuna as juvenile fish off the coast of Washington, as they travel from their spawning grounds in the North Pacific to tropical waters. Because they are young and have been in cold waters, they are low in heavy metals and high in beneficial omega fatty acids, and they are just plain amazing -- like buttuh.

And for dessert, how about some Cupcake Luv. They make their cupcakes, like these Luv Potion #1 cupcakes, using local flours from Shepherd's Grain or Bluebird Grain Farms. And for my money, they are the best cupcakes in Seattle.

Hey, there is plenty of local deliciousness waiting for you today at your Ballard Farmers Market. Just check What’s Fresh Now! for a more complete accounting of what is in season right now.