Sunday, April 24th: Fresh Washington King Salmon, Gorgeous Greens, Perfect Plants, Bunny-Earred Bread, Lovely Lavender & Pie!

Happy Charlton Heston Week! That week in which, every year, ABC airs The Ten Commandments, complete with miracles, brilliant Technicolor, and a cast of thousands. (There were some other holidays this week, too. Please refer to your childhood and/or religious persuasion to identify those.) Also, Happy Opening of 2011 Washington Coastal Salmon Fishing Season!!! Woohooooooo! Yup, it's back! Fresh, local king salmon from Wilson Fish. If you have never experienced some of Wilson's fresh king salmon, well, you've never really had fresh king salmon before -- unless you caught it yourself. This fish is so fresh, so say it's from the future! But get here early. It will sell out fast.

For a very short period each spring, it is raab season. Raab is the budding tops of overwintered crops of the brassica genus, like cabbage, kale and rutabaga, as they begin to flower before going to seed in spring. It is sweet, tender and delicious. Check out these spectacular kale raabs (above) from Full Circle Farm, and look for many other raabs on farm tables through your Ballard Farmers Market today.

Did yesterday's warm sunshine get you thinking of gardening? Did you spend the day cleaning up your garden beds? And did you know that your Ballard Farmers Market is the best place in town to get plants for your garden? That's right. Many of our farmers have great plant starts for your garden, like these rhubarb plants from Stoney Plains. Indeed, they have cabbage, sweet corn, even strawberry plants, as well as all manner of culinary herbs at Stoney Plains right now. So come get your garden on!

The bakers at Tall Grass Bakery got into the holiday spirit with this baguette twisted into bunny ears. Now, if they had formed one of their olive fougasse loaves into the face of Charlton Heston, I really would have been impressed!

This long, hard winter has been rough on a lot of normally hardy herb plants in many of our gardens -- lavender in particular. Why not start from scratch with some beautiful, healthy and fragrant lavender plants from Woodinville Lavender Farm? Get them in the ground now, and they'll develop strong roots and be ready to weather next winter after brightening up the yard all summer long!

Did you promise to bring dessert to Easter supper today? And did you forget to make something? Never fear. Deborah's Homemade Pies are here! And let's face it -- why would you even bother trying to make a pie yourself, when you can get the best pies in town right here at your Ballard Farmers Market from Deborah! Seriously. I would not lie to you about something like pie. You can thank me later!

There is much more waiting for you at your Ballard Farmers Market today. Just check the What’s Fresh Now! listings in the upper right-hand corner of this page for a more complete accounting of what is in season right now.