Sunday, April 3rd: More Green Things, More Hams, More Flowers & Some Other Deliciousness!

As the calendar marches ever onward towards spring... oh, wait... it IS spring... Okay then, let's talk spinach. Yes, spinach means it's spring, dag nabbit, no matter what the weather forecast says, and Colinwood Farms has spinach! Celebrate it! Grab a bag or three. Just do it early enough in the day, because they always run out.

Olsen Farms has holiday hams. You should order yours now. These hams are so illusive, I don't even have a photo of them. That's why I have this photo of their sliced ham hocks. But at least they get the point across, right? Just remember, Easter is only three weeks away. You'll be wanting to pick up your ham at your Ballard Farmers Market, or your leg of lamb or standing rib roast, in two weeks at the latest, so it will be ready for your holiday table. So order it today, and be sure it'll be here for you. And don't forget your Passover needs, either! (By the way, Olsen Farms has chuck roasts on sale this week!)

Ah, sweet fiddleheads. Spring, indeed! It's April, and we saw Foraged & Found Edibles bring in the first fiddleheads of the season just last week. Hopefully, they'll have more today, but again, these puppies go fast, so get here early!

Yes, our Hmong farmers returned in abundance last week, and with them come their spectabulous flower arrangements. The bouquets they put together in a minute most of us can only dream of assembling maybe once in a lifetime. Just look at this beautiful bunch from Pa Gardens from last week. And let's face it -- we are all hard-pressed to figure out where exactly spring is this year, right? Well, at least you can bring a little bunch of it home with you to brighten it up!

Dandelion greens. They're not just for Round Up anymore. What looks like the enemy in your yard is actually quite delicious on your plate. Just imagine some of these dandelion greens from Stoney Plains tossed with some Spanish white anchovies for the perfect salty and bitter salad. And dandies are good for you, especially this time of year. Did you know that they are a very good liver tonic? I mean, it's not like these so-called weeds are naturally occurring around here. The Europeans brought them here centuries again... for food! Try them in soup or tea!

I love it when I get a call from Clayton up at Alm Hill Gardens telling me, "Hey, I just found a whole lot of..." Well, I got such a call recently telling me they have a whole lot of storage onions still. I said, "Hey Clayton, get those suckers down here. We need onions!" And here they came. You'll find them amongst Gretchen's beautiful tulips.

The good ladies up at Golden Glen Creamery have added a couple more great products to their lineup recently: fromage blanc and creme fraiche. If you are looking for cream cheese or sour cream locally that is not overly processed, is fresh, and is delicious, try out one of these two items. I love using the fromage instead of cream cheese on bagels, and a dollop of creme fraiche on your russet will make you smile!

It's just about the end of the line for rutabagas, so grab some of these gilfeather bagas from Nash's, while they last. These are a somewhat sweeter variety than their yellow cousins, but I love 'em both. So get your rutabaga on one last time before they're gone until next November!

There is much more waiting for you at your Ballard Farmers Market today. Just check the What’s Fresh Now! listings in the upper right-hand corner of this page for a more complete accounting of what is in season right now. But please note that due to our recent cold weather, some crops may not be available as anticipated.