We're Winners Again & You're Invited To The Party!

Every fall, Seattle magazine asks its readers for their opinion on the city’s bests. And again this year, you named Ballard Farmers Market the best neighborhood farmers market! To celebrate, Seattle magazine is throwing a "Best of 2010" party on November 18, 2010 at the Seattle Design Center, and since they told us we could invite our friends, family and fans, we're inviting all of you, and at a special price!

The link to purchase tickets is below along with your discount code. Just follow the ticketing link on the party info page, enter the code below in the "Discount Code" field, and click “show additional prices” to reveal your special $30 ticket price. (Everyone else is paying $65!)

Link – http://www.seattlemag.com/0p209/seattle-magazines-best-of-2010-party/ Code – bestof2010winner

And on the party info page, check out all the cool food, drink and entertainment you get for that $30! Including a performance by the Presidents of the United States of America!  Woohoo!!!

So please join us to celebrate, wear your market colors, and when they mention Ballard Farmers Market, you can all join us in cheering the best farmers market in Seattle, for the umpteenth year!