Sunday, October 10th: Tuna, Shallots, Honey & Some Of The Hottest Friggin' Peppers On Earth!



Are you still buying your canned tuna at a grocery store? Really? What are you thinking?!? I mean, you already do your produce shopping at your Ballard Farmers Market every Sunday because you value the high quality you find here, and because you like doing business directly with the producer. So, when we have Fishing Vessel St. Jude selling its Washington coastal albacore tuna right here, why would you buy tuna anywhere else? And besides, this is the best darned canned tuna you will find anywhere. Really. Add to that that albacore tuna from St. Jude is very low in mercury and very high in beneficial omega fatty acids because it is adolescent tuna from the cold waters of the North Pacific, and frankly, you'd be crazy to buy your tuna anywhere else. Their canned tuna comes in many different varieties. Being a purist, I go for the "natural" myself. With no salt added, I can adjust it perfectly to my liking. And don't you dare pour the juice down the drain. They don't add any liquid, so that juice is the natural juices and flavorful, beneficial oils from the tuna itself. Oh, and they have frozen sashimi grade loins, tuna jerky, smoked tuna and more. You can thank me later.



It's fall, in case you hadn't noticed. Yes, I know. It has been sunnier in the last week than much of what we called summer this year, but the sun is setting very early now, and the days, sunny or not, are crisp. That means you are cooking all sorts of house warming comfort foods right now, aren't you? And those recipes call for shallots. There aren't many folks who grow better shallots that our own Jerry Pipitone of Pipitone Farms in Cashmere. Jerry has specialized in growing amazing varieties of Italian fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices for many years, and we all get to benefit from his passion. Pickup some of his shallots this week, and try some of his heirloom tomatoes, dried herbs and spices, or even some of his delicious fruit yums, too.



G & J's Farm has returned to your Ballard Farmers Market with its fall crops, which include lovely honey crisp apples and many varieties of ornamental gourds and winter squash, like this Amber Cup winter squash, above. Amber Cup is one of my favorite winter squashes. It has a wonderful texture, and it is deeply sweet when dry roasted in the oven.



The ghost chili pepper was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007 as the hottest chili pepper on earth. And Alvarez Organic Farms has them. They are just one of the almost 200 kinds of peppers they grow, in every shape, size, color and heat intensity. But be warned: ghost chili peppers are truly painfully hot. Don't handle them with bare hands. Don't touch your eyes or any other sensitive places after handling them. And keep them well out of the reach of children. Seriously!



I fear I never told all y'all about these two new varieties of honey from Golden Harvest : raspberry and meadowfoam. They each have their own distinct qualities, like all the many varieties of honey at Golden Harvest do. Each flower pollinated by their honey bees results in a different flavor, color and sweetness. Stop by and sample their many honeys.

There is much more waiting for you at your Ballard Farmers Market today. Just check the What’s Fresh Now! listings in the upper right-hand corner of this page for a more complete accounting of what is in season right now!