Sunday, August 29th: Local, Pasture-ized Eggs - No Recall Required!

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Let's see. Over 550,000,000 (gee, that's a lot of zeros!) Factory-Farmed Corporate "eggs" from just two (yes, two) farms in Iowa have been recalled in recent weeks, which begs the question: where does one get safe, healthy eggs?Well, considering something like 95% of all eggs in this country are produced by just 192 mega-farms, one would think we are all pretty much screwed. With their egg-laying hens crammed together in huge "barns", pecking at each other and standing in their own filth, it's no wonder these chicken are producing tainted eggs.

The good news is that your Ballard Farmers Market has lots of eggs from farms that let their hens live happy, healthy lives, spending their days outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, scratching in the dirt, eating natural diets and hanging out with roosters. Those farms include Growing Things, Quilceda, Sea Breeze, Skagit River Ranch, Stokesberry and Stoney Plains.

Our farmers produce more than chicken eggs. They also produce duck, goose and quail eggs, too. And eggs from pastured-hens have been shown in studies to be healthier than factory eggs. In fact, is a great website to learn all about the benefits of eating naturally-raised, grass-fed meat and animal products.

Of course, the lazy corporate media is repeating everything the USDA, FDA, Corporate Agribusiness and their lacky institutions like Iowa State University are feeding them right now about egg safety. They keep repeating over and over again that eggs from small family farms are just as susceptible to salmonella outbreaks as factory farms, but that when it affects factory farms, because of their scale, it is just more dramatic. What?!? I have yet to see one of these reports show an example of a similar outbreak in eggs from a small family farm to backup their assertions, but since these guys are all in bed together, they have to repeat the mantra, lest we all finally accept that it is their business and "farming" practices causing the problem, and not merely the fact they were producing eggs in and of itself. It is a classic example of the powers that be using the culture of fear rampant in our country to terrorize the public into failing to challenge any of them, so that they can stay in control of our food system, while continuing to put the safety of our food at risk.

As long as they keep cutting corners in the name of corporate profits, our food supply will continue to be unsafe... unless, of course, we build an alternative food system. Hey, that's a great idea! And we'll call them "farmers markets!" They will have all kinds of great, local food, direct from farmers who care about how they produce the food they feed to us more than producing dividends for their Wall Street shareholders.

Of course, anyone who has ever tried to pickup at dozen eggs at your Ballard Farmers Market after 2 p.m. knows that it is nearly impossible. And given the current climate, it is safe for you to assume to that our farmers' pastured eggs well be selling faster than ever. I recommend that you arrive by noon to be sure you'll get eggs.

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