Sunday, June 6th: New Crops, New Neighbors, New Rides & New Markets

We know, we know. You want to hear about fruit. Well, it's coming, but it'll be just a little longer. In the meantime, ain't it nice to have broccoli again? Just look at this beautiful broccoli from Full Circle. (See that button to the right that says "Vote Today"? Please click it and type in "Ballard" and vote for us!)

And peas are coming into season now, too. Several farms now have sugar snap peas, and check out these snow peas from Alvarez. Sure, there is a distinctly green theme going on here, as is the case in spring, but at least I am talking about more than kale, right? And as we progress from spring into summer, many more colors in the food rainbow will arrive.

How about fresh basil? I've been hearing a goodly number of folks wondering when basil would return to the Market. Well, here it is, courtesy of the fine folks from Billy's.

Looking for gluten-free products? Deborah's Homemade Pies makes several gluten-free goodies, from pies to her incredible Chocolate Decadence Cake to chocolate muffins. Deborah's has something for your gluten-free sweet tooth.

Pete's Perfect Butter Toffee has added another great flavor to his awesome toffee lineup: coffee toffee. Stop by for a sample taste.

Have you tried the pork from Skagit River Ranch? I had some for dinner the other night. It is phenomenal. Tender, juicy, and full of flavor, it will satisfy your need for some pig.

Looking for some green, alternative transportation to and from the Ballard Farmers Market today? Meet PEVCAB. These peddle/electric powered cabs will pick you up at home, bring you to the Market, and then, when you are finished, they will bring you home again with all your groceries. Plenty of room for the whole family, too. Stop by the Market Info Desk for a brochure explaining rates and service areas.

We welcome two new neighbors to our block on Ballard Avenue. The first is D'Ambrosio Gelateria Artigianale, which is Italian for friggin' good gelato. You will find them at 5339 Ballard Ave NW with this deliciousness...

The other new neighbor is The Noble Fir, a cozy little tap room and eatery at 5316 Ballard Ave NW. Both are open during Market hours on Sundays!

And the Seattle Farmers Market Association, which operates your Ballard Farmers Market, is the proud new parent of the new Georgetown Farmers Market, which celebrated its grand opening yesterday, June 5th. With dozens of vendors and some 6,000 customers, all signs point to this new market being a resounding success, and the people of the South Seattle neighborhoods surrounding the market couldn't be happier. After all, they live in the largest grocery store desert in King County. Many have to travel three or more miles to find a proper grocery store. We heard people all day yesterday expressing utter joy at finally having access to fresh food from local farms. Visit us some Saturday.

And remember, your Ballard Farmers Market is chock full of all sorts of goodness for  your kitchen, from meat, seafood, poultry, cheese, to all sorts of fruits and veggies, baked goods, sauces, confections, fresh-cut flowers and fresh milled flours, plants for the garden, wild mushrooms, and on and on. For a fuller accounting of what you’ll find at the Market today, go to “What’s Fresh Now!” in the upper right-hand corner.