Sunday, November 8th: Brussels Sprouts, Cool Mushrooms, Lovely Pasta & Some Fine Meat

When it comes to Brussels sprouts, I'm with Ciscoe Morris. I love 'em! Just look at these beauties from Sidhu Farms. Boistfort Valley and Nash's have them now, too. My favorite way to prepare them is to sauté them with some Sea Breeze pancetta and some shallots from any number of Ballard Farmers Market vendors until they get bright green and begin to soften. Then I hit the pan with some white wine to deglaze all the yummy porkaliciousness, and to give the sprouts a quick steam and a lot of extra flavor.

So add that to your Eat Local For Thanksgiving recipe list, eh? And if you have a recipe to share, just use the comment form to send it our way, and we'll post it, credited to you, in our recipe section.

Speaking of pancetta, how about all this magnificent pigrificness from Sea Breeze. The aforementioned pancetta is in the middle, flanked by some lomo and a bit of shoulder bacon that we Irish would simply call rashers. Do you realize that there are still people who shop at, gasp, grocery stores? Poor saps.

And here are some of those aforementioned shallots -- these from Children's Garden. Shallots are as pretty to look at as they are delicious to cook with, don't you think?

Viking purple potatoes from Olsen Farms are spuds fit for our Ballardite ancestors' fiercest warriors. These beauties steam up perfectly, then mash delicately. Their flesh is snow white, providing the perfect canvas for some of that naturally yellow butter from Golden Glen. (Sorry. I just noticed I was drooling on the keyboard.)

Under the heading of wicked-cool looking 'shrooms are these wild saffron milkcap mushrooms, brought to us by the fine folks at Foraged & Found Edibles. Don't know how long they'll have them, but I must get a recipe for them. Christina?

When many other farms are winding down their harvests, Nash's Organic Produce is usually just hitting its stride. Check out these daikon radishes they just began to harvest. They're huge and, well, perfect.

Have you tried some of the pasta from Pasteria Lucchese? I love this stuff. It is handmade and frozen fresh. Straight from freezer to boiling water, it takes just a couple of minutes to cook. Then toss it with whatever moves you. It is toothsome and delicious with magical elasticity. I love tossing the squid ink tagliatelle (lower right, above) with shrimp, maybe some peas, garlic and red pepper flakes, and a little olive oil and freshly grated parm. Yeah, baby.

I heart geoduck from Taylor Shellfish. Plus, it makes people blush.

As you begin the process of scouring the Market for great gift ideas for the holidays, don't forget your furry friends. Moosedreams Lavender Farm has all sorts of herbal pet goodness for that special Felix or Fido in your life.

Linda Bones of Essence From My Garden, from Edgewood, handcrafts these beautiful wreathes from what grows in her back 40. Just imagine how one of these will brighten up your home with some old world charm for the holidays.

Finally, welcome Four Seasons Gourmet, with its raspberry-infused vinegar, to Ballard Farmers Market. Rest assured: the raspberries are local.

Don't forget, we have cooking demonstrations coming up on Nov. 15th and 22nd. Check the schedule in the upper right-hand corner for details. And you'll also find the "What's Fresh Now!" menu there, which will give you a full accounting of what's at the Ballard Farmers Market today.