Loki Fish Returns with Fresh, Wild Alaskan Salmon!

The first Keta salmon of their Alaskan fishing season caught by Loki Fish. Photo courtesy Loki Fish. Loki Fish is fishing in Alaska as we speak, and their catch is being flown down to Seattle from Ketchikan regularly, so that we get to enjoy it fresh at the Ballard Farmers Market starting Sunday, June 28th.

Jonah Knutsen of Loki Fish filleting salmon for market. Photo courtesy Loki Fish.

Loki will have sockeye, keta, and possibly some king salmon at the Market on the 28th, with coho and pink soon, as well. And, of course, they continue to offer canned, smoked, jerkied, loxed and frozen salmon, as well as salmon sausage and patties, too.

Loki Fish, which makes its home at Ballard's Fishermen's Terminal, has fresh salmon from their boats in Alaskan at the Market now. Photo copyright 2009 by Zachary D. Lyons.

To follow the fishing adventures of Loki's two boats, check out their blog.