Happy Solstice! Forecast: No Snow!

It is Summer Solstice at Ballard Farmers Market, yet it feels like it has been summer for a month already. 29 straight days without measurable rain, and then the skies open up this past Friday, and you'd think we had revisited the Johnstown flood or biblical times to listen to some people whinge and whine about it. But we Ballard Farmers Market types are a hardier lot, and just to remind you all how tough we are, we thought we'd take a little trip down memory lane with you, back six months to our last solstice, the Winter Solstice of December 2008.

On the Winter Solstice last year, skis were as good a mode of transportation as any. Photo copyright 2008 by Jon Hegeman.

For those of you who have not yet gotten the message, and we know you're out there, Ballard Farmers Market is open year-round, every Sunday, rain, sleet or snow. We are more reliable than the Post Office. So when it snowed six inches over Saturday night last December 20th, we were not intimidated.  Nope, with 19 vendors and 1,300 shoppers, we set up in the snow on Ballard Avenue, and we had a market. We knew you all were counting on us for your holiday meals and last minute gifts. Indeed, all of us count on our farmers to feed us all year, and they do not disappoint us, even when it snows. So maybe, as you say a little Solstice prayer to whatever deity you look to for guidance, you can give a little thanks for the wonderful farmers who keep us all going here in the Big City.

Market shoppers came by whatever means they could, including toboggan. Photo copyright 2008 by Jon Hegeman.

Market faithful came anyway they could last December, including on foot, on skis, and even on toboggans. And honestly, it made us all feel very special to know how much you all know you can depend on us to bring you your Market every Sunday. Thank you.

Doing a brisk business at the Ballard Farmers Market took on a whole new meaning on December 21, 2008. Photo copyright 2008 by Jon Hegeman.

And thank you, Jon Hegeman, the founder of our market organizing group, for supplying these great photos to remind us of colder days, so that we might revel in our toughness while we savor the next three months of summer. So Happy Summer Solstice everyone, and Happy Father's Day, Jon.