June 14th: Welcome Local Roots, Jessie's Berries & Summer Squash

Local Roots Farm, from Carnation, joins the Ballard Farmers Market family for the first time this week, though the farm has been around since 2007. And many of you may recognize Siri from her days working for Nature's Last Stand. Already a favorite of many chefs in Seattle, Local Roots will offer on its tables this week escarole, kohlrabi, Shunkyo radishes, Napa cabbage, fennel, peas, turnips, salad mix, pea tendrils, and a lot of other cool stuff you might not find from any other farm.

Jessie's Berries at the Farmers Market at Fremont Sunday Market last week. Photo copyright 2009 by Zachary D. Lyons.

Jessie's Berries returns this week for another season of berryliciousness. But their strawberries always fly out of the Market, so you'd better get there early.

Red Barn has five kinds of lettuce this week. Bluebird Grain Farms has added a new item to their grain products line -- Potlatch Pilaf. Nash's has dill and basil, along with lots of other stuff. Alm Hill might surprise us with a few raspberries this week, but I bet they'll be gone by 11 a.m. They also have strawberries, fava beans, fennel, and a whole lot more.  Colinwood joins the baby zucchini club this week, and the carrot club, too. Magana's got cherries, summer squash, and "Sunnyside" sweet onions, since those guys at USDA won't let them call them "Walla Walla" sweets. Actually, lots of folks have summer squash now, including Sidhu and Alvarez. Alvarez also has bok choy and lots of lettuces.

Summer Run has added carrots, baby beets, broccoli, peas and chard this week. Stoney Plains has, well, lots of stuff -- 4 kinds of beets, 4 kinds of kale, chard, "Tenino" sweet onions (oy, USDA, you're killing me), peas, strawberries, carrots, daikon radishes and... wait for it... green beans!!!

Tiny's has the season's first apriums. And Empire Ice Cream has strawberry ice cream and sorbet. Now, that's what I'm talkin' about.

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