Update: Salmon, no Halibut

Okay, maybe the weather wasn't so clement on the coast as I thought. Wilson Fish has salmon at the market now, though how long "now" lasts is the question. They do not have halibut. Apparently, while it was warm and sunny here, it was windy on the coast. Now, I think Wlison's Gene Panida is trying to give me a very good idea of how hard these guys work to bring you this prized, local fish. You see, while he's called me at midnight and 2:24 a.m. in recent weeks to update me, today, he called me at 5:16 a.m. In other words, he'll finally get some sleep sometime around September 18th, after the coastal season closes. (I might get some then, too.)

Whatever the case, if you want fresh Washington coastal salmon today, you had better head down to Ballard Farmers Market this very instant, as Gene told me, "the early birds will get the fish."