Today: Halibut, Salmon & Saffron Ice Cream!

Wilson Fish will have fresh Washington coastal king salmon and halibut at Ballard Farmers Market today. Finally, a long stretch of clement weather has allowed them to get out and round us up some fish. But you have to do your part. You have to get to Wilson early enough that they still have fish to sell you. Last week, they sold out by 1 p.m.! In addition to all their other incredible flavors made with market-fresh ingredients, Empire Ice Cream will offer saffron ice cream this week. Saffron, you ask? What's market-fresh about that? Well, this saffron is from Phocas Farm in Port Angeles, and you can get it, along with the ice cream, right here at Ballard Farmers Market. So after you are done oohing and ahhing about this magnificent, sweet creation, go pick up some saffron from Phocas Farm, and have some fun creating deliciousness with it yourself.