Latest on Wilson Fish

With any luck, Wilson Fish will return to Ballard Farmers Market today, but it really depends on this fish, and they have been playing hide-and-seek with the boat. Of course, our unusually violent May weather hasn't helped any. Storms on the coast have been more like those of December, with swells larger than Wilson's boat and dangerously strong winds. Just because it has been lovely here every weekend this month, those big rains we got during the week were nothing compared to what they saw out at La Push. It is just plain hard to fish when the Coast Guard won't even let you out of the port. And to add insult to injury, just when the weather finally settled down on Friday, Washington State Fish & Wildlife called a one-day closure to the coastal fishery. I think Wilson Fish's Gene Panida summed up the situation with a simple, "Oy!"

Stay tuned for further updates.