Support Your Local Dairy!

Golden Glen Creamery used to be one of those nameless, faceless dairy farms that sold to the local big dairy company. You know these companies well, as the big box grocery store near your house has a dairy cooler full of cartons of milk from them. You have no idea what farm's milk is in that carton, or how they raised their cows. In fact, there may be the milk of dozens of farms in those cartons -- certainly of thousands of cows.

Golden Glen got a better idea: it decided to market dairy products under its own farm name. Now it can control every aspect of its milk and dairy products production, and we reap the rewards. Milk from cows raised on real pasture, instead of a confinement barn, not only tastes different (and better), but it is also healthier, both for the cows and us. And if you compare milk from between local dairies, you can actually taste the difference in their pastures and in the breeds of their cows in the milk itself. 

Golden Glen produces cheese, sure, but it also produces butter, cream and milk, including chocolate milk. If you haven't tried these market rarities, you don't know what you're missing. And perhaps one of the coolest things about Golden Glen is that it bottles its milk in returnable glass bottles! Glass better protects the integrity of the flavor of the milk, and it is much lighter on our environment, especially considering they reuse them.